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Book illustration Commissions

You can order a commission by clicking the links or send an email to

Book fan art illustration of Dutch YA Fantasy book Vloek van Vuur en Schaduw by Emmy van Ruijven. Digital artwork by Bibi van Leeuwen. Two witches sit on the bed studying their books and tarot cards. The artwork has a lot of witchcore elements.
Book fan art illustration of YA Fantasy book Girl, Goddess, Queen by Bea Fitzpatrick. Digital artwork by Bibi van Leeuwen. This is a Hades & Persephone artwork. Goddess Persephone sits on the throne of the underworld with Greek God Hades standing next to it. Skulls lay around the throne and the river Styx is visible through the window.

Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me! On this page you’ll find my commission rates, my terms and conditions and some other important information.

Monday to Friday are my active workdays.

NOTE: These prices are only for self publishing/indie authors and small publishing houses. For any other business inquiries you can email me through the contact form.

Current commission status: OPEN

Please read the whole page before commissioning me so there won’t be any misunderstandings.

End page illustration

Special edition end page illustrations. For that something extra!
475 per illustration
  • 2 characters included
  • Detailed scenery/ background
  • 2 revisions
  • Full commercial use included (one time payment)

2 End page illustrations

2 different end page illustrations at the front and back of your book!
800 for 2 illustrations!
  • 2 characters included per illustration
  • Detailed scenery/ background
  • 2 revisions per illustration
  • Full commercial use included (one time payment)

Book illustration

Book illustrations to bring your pages to life. Also great for page overlays and art prints!
375 per illustration
  • 2 characters included
  • Detailed scenery/ background
  • 2 revisions
  • Commercial use included

5 Book illustrations

Give more life to your pages with this art deal!Also great for page overlays!
1600 for 5 illustrations!
  • 1-2 characters included per illustration
  • Detailed scenery/ background
  • 2 revisions per illustration
  • Commercial use included

*Page overlays need to be requested by the author/ small publisher themselves. If you want to do a collab with book illustrations, you can email me through my contact form or to

*Commercial licences may vary per inquiry. If you want to sell my illustrations as overlays or art prints there will most likely be a yearly commercial fee, as to if you want to add illustrations to your book where you’ll be paying a small fee per 250 copies (with a included licence for the first 500 copies).


Copies & Licensing

A commercial/ copy licence is already included in the price. There are, however, a few conditions and add-ons for these licences.

– The commercial licence is only for self publishing, indie publishing or small publishers. When you decide to publish your book with a bigger publisher, a different agreement/ contract is required if you want to keep using the illustrations.

– The included commercial licence is for in-book illustrations only. Commercial licences for selling my art as prints, overlays, etc. will each have their own licence agreement depending on kind, quantity, etc.

– The included licence is only for one format (paperback, hardcover or ebook), a small fee is required for usage for multiple formats. Below you’ll find the table with prices for the add-on formats. 

* The prices are incl. VAT

Deals & discounts

Hardback book cover & end page limited edition deal – 20% discount on total price.

Book cover & commercial bookish art print illustration combo – 20% discount on the art print

NOTE: Please mention the discount beforehand in the cover commission form for validity. 

General Conditions

– Sending in your request isn’t considered an accepted commission. The artist has the right to decline any commission for any reason.

– The commission is accepted when both parties have signed an agreement.

– The artist will not draw heavy NSFW, furries or an imitation of another art style. The artist will make it clear to the client when she isn’t comfortable with illustrating the commission or if it isn’t within her capabilities. If you have a request, but don’t know how the artist feels about it, you can always ask!

– The prices listed are the base prices for any commission. Add-ons are available and will increase the prices based on the extra’s and their prices.

– The prices listed include the VAT tax prices according to the Dutch law. Any other quotations will, of course, also include the VAT tax prices. In the Netherlands this is 21%.

– The artist will keep all the rights to the illustration created.

– The artist can always share the artwork on her socials & website, unless discussed otherwise.

– Do NOT use this artist’s work for NFT’s or AI.

What I need from you

– The artist will send you a form with all the details she needs to complete the commission.

– The artist is more than happy to help with a brainstorm session at the beginning of the project, after the agreement is signed.


– The creating of an artwork ranges between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on the kind of illustration:

– A (book) illustration commission will take around 3 weeks per illustration.

– A book cover commission will take around 1,5 – 2 months.

– The client is responsible for replying within a reasonable amount of time, so the artist has enough time to work on the commission.

– Urgent commissions have an increased fee depending on the rush and deadlines.

– The artist might not be able to start the commission right away due to increased work loads, vacations, etc. The artist will inform you of the matter right away and put you on the waitlist.

My Process

– The artist will always send an agreement before starting or accepting the commission.

– When the commission is accepted the artist will ask the client some more questions about their commission to get a full understanding of what the client wants.

– The artist is more than happy to help with a small brainstorm session before starting the commission.

– After the questionnaire the artist will proceed to make some quick and loose thumbnails with concept ideas. The client can choose with which concept they want to move forward or ask for a few more concept designs.

– The artist will make a more detailed sketch of the chosen concept which can be reviewed by the client.

– The artist will work with a greyscale base and provide the client with some light & color options.

– The artist will finish the work, updating the client throughout the process.

– When the artwork is finished the artist will share a low resolution and watermarked picture of the illustration. When the artwork is accepted by the client and the last payment has been received, the artist will deliver the commission in the right dimensions & with high resolution.

Payment & Refunds

– The commission will be payed in Euro’s (€) and any possible extra fees for conversion are for the client to be payed.

– The artist accepts payment through IDEAL (bank transfer) or PayPal.

– The invoices will be send by the artist (through email or PayPal).

– An upfront 50% payment is required after the sketch has been delivered. The artist will not continue the commission until the payment has been received. The other 50% will be payed after the illustration has been finalised.

– The client will receive their artwork in full resolution and without watermarks only after 100% payment has been received.

– Refunds will be granted when:

1. the artist has to cancel the commission due to personal reasons and the client doesn’t want to pick the commission up at a later time.

2. The client wants to cancel the commission. The refund will be calculated on the time spend working on the illustration, so the efforts and time of the artist won’t go to waste.

– Refunds will NOT be granted when:

1. The client isn’t happy with the final result.

2. The client changed his/her mind about the commission.

3. The artist has to cancel the commission due to violation of the terms & conditions, no communication, rudeness, difficult or inappropriate behaviour.

Commercial usage

– Commercial usage is included in the price of the book covers. If you want to use the cover only for personal use, the artist will recalculate the price and send you a quotation.

– The commercial licence has their limits and extra fees may be charged for extra licences. 

– The included licence will contain the following: medium, number of copies, publication borders, exclusivity (the artwork cannot be resold by the artist and is exclusively made for that specific book) & certain online marketing purposes.

– The licence will be more in depth explained in the agreement.

– The licences may very on selling purposes and might require a different arrangement.

* With every commission a signed agreement/ contract is required. The agreement has more follow-up and in depth terms & conditions, so make sure to read/ ask everything before signing, so misunderstandings can be avoided and both the artist and the client are protected.